Event Standby

Often in an emergency, you may feel that you do not have any options and that you must use your county’s emergency response system. This is not true! The Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics employed by Critico Ambulance have the same level of training as your local provider, and in some instances may have more training.

Our staff is ready and our vehicles are equipped to provide your loved ones with the expert treatment they require at this critical time – whether emergent or non-emergent. Our EMT’s and Paramedic’s have to meet a higher standard of training; and our ALS (Advanced Life Support) units have state of the art equipment found in Intensive Care Units that are not found on fire rescue ambulances. Ambulance services can be delivered at several levels. Below you will find definitions of each level of service offered:

Critico Ambulance is available to provide stand-by emergency care services and special events at such as:

Contact us by phone or email at Toll Free. 877-826-2526/707-794-3105 or to obtain a quote for standby service at your event.